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Let's Create Wealth

Hey gorgeous soul, I am Ellen Sirena, a flower lovin', tree huggin', creative mammapreneur, known to my tribe as a Wealth Shaman who LOVES talkin' and teachin’ about money, wealth creation, abundance, quantum creation, and spiritual biz.


I am on a passionate mission to help spiritual, sensitive, heart-based souls, and creatives like you to create epic wealth and businesses aligned with their soul's purpose, truth and gifts because I am so DONE seeing good hearted people who want to do good in this world struggle in scarcity, and have a s*** relationship with the divine (God), self, and money.


It's time for you to create a wildly wealthy, soul aligned life and biz doing what you LOVE and making bank, guilt and shame free!

Lovin' Praise

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The Podcast

Check out our awesome life changing podcast, the Inner Garden of Wealth Creation where I share with you inspiring stories, teachings and healings on creating a wildly wealthy life and heart-based biz aligned with your soul's purpose, truth and gifts.

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The Prosperity Blog





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Grab my FREE and fabulous Master The Art of Wealth Creation Bundle (Valued at $448).

You'll receive a series of high vibe wealth creation meditations, teachings and ebook to support you in creating the life, money and wealth you desire today!

Abundance Activations

Take a moment to have gratitude & appreciation for the beautiful soul

that you are, and affirm...

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Contact Me

Thank you for popping into my wealth creation vortex, divine Angel.

If you wish to personally contact me regarding my products, services, private  mentoring, media appearances or media kit you can do so via the form below.

Thanks for your message gorgeous, I will endeavour to reply within 24-48hrs. Love & Infinite Abundance, Ellen Sirena xoxo