Hey Beautiful Soul

My heart to your heart, I hope my story inspires you. 

I want to let you in on a secret. 


For a long time I was a broke, burnt out and resentful energy healer (Shaman/Witch) living in a spiritual closet. I never wanted to talk about money, wealth creation, abundance and business, let alone be a teacher on it. I struggled with chronic anxiety and shame when anyone wanted to pay me for my potent, life changing healing work. 


Like a lot of spiritual, sensitive, heart-based soul’s and creatives I’d been conditioned to believe money was unspiritual, evil and I should just give my spiritual gifts away for free, hence I was always broke as f***.

It sucks being a lightworker when you can’t pay your bloody light bill!

"You will never "get" wealthy because who you are IS WEALTH.

You have the power to generate, create and manifest great wealth with your divine energy. Wealth creation starts within you.

Master your energy and you will master your wealth."

- Ellen Sirena -

To be totally honest with you I actually despised money, I resented it and thought it was the most unspiritual arsehole in my life who I had to work hard, suffer and struggle for!


Frankly I never thought I’d be any good at creating an abundant life and business as a spiritual healer and teacher because my self esteem was, well...non existent! 

Due to my toxic, limiting and abusive beliefs I kept finding myself broke, on welfare, riding the feast and famine bus to burn out town, stuck in soul sucking jobs and repelling my dreams and desires like a seriously waterproofed jacket because at the root of it all I felt deeply unworthy, full of self-hate and never good enough. 

And I was DONESKI!


After finding myself single, pregnant, shell shocked from narcissistic abuse, rock bottom and broke, I washed off the dirt and made a vow it was time to break up with the patriarchal mundane mainstream, my poverty princess codes, her victim lane living and unresolved trauma.

I stopped blaming life and others, and got to work on taking full responsibility for my inner state of BEING which I soon learned was THE SOURCE of all the love, joy, creativity, peace, wealth, guidance, money and abundance I sought.

I cleaned up my energy of toxic beliefs, healed my relationship with the Divine (Mother God), myself and money, gave myself FULL permission to feel and be deeply worthy of a wildly wealthy life and business, guilt and shame free! 


And I haven’t looked back. 

Since then I’ve quantum leaped into 5 figure months, been a high end business coach, money mentor and healer to startups all the way to leading 5,6,7 figure spiritual entrepreneurs and non biz peeps.   

Today I LOVE talking, teaching and speaking about money, wealth, abundance, prosperity, sex, pleasure and business success which is just as well because my life purpose and path is an 8 vibe (numerology speak for a person who is here to lead and create powerful wealth for the good of all, yipee!).


And if there is one thing I want you and everyone else to know is your power to heal, to generate and create a wildly wealthy life and heart-based business is not outside of you but already within you! 

Money, wealth and abundance are all extensions of pure LOVE energy that flows from Source (a.k.a Mother God) through you and all around you, you are never separated from it. 


When you get tapped in, tuned in and turned on by this TRUTH, your whole life will change in incredible ways. I speak this from a place of someone who experiences it, lives it, breathes it and embodies it.

It is now my passion, my purpose and my path to activate and awaken as many divine souls as possible to live in alignment with their soul’s purpose, share their gifts with the world and make as much money as they desire all from a place of divine ease, joy, pleasure and playfulness.

Because being broke, hiding out in a spiritual closet, staying stuck in soul sucking work, having a s*** relationship with yourself, Mother God, money, undercharging, under-earning, burning yourself into the ground does not serve you or those who need your divine gifts the most!

It is my belief you're here at this time on Mamma Earth to create a wildly wealthy life and biz with your soul’s purpose, truth and gifts, that feels fun, playful, pleasurable, nourishing and soul aligned for you!


The days of the survive n' struggle till you die vibes, being a broke healer, starving artist, money is unspiritual bull**** stories are on the way out as the Divine’s TRUTH that it is SPIRITUAL to be RICH emerges in this new paradigm we are now all evolving into.

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I can't wait to meet you gorgeous. 


I am sending you a big hug, incredible love and infinite abundance.



Ellen Sirena