5 reasons to stop underpricing your spiritual work

In our culture spiritual, creative, heart based work is perceived to be something that should be done for free or charged very little for. This is a toxic belief system that does not serve you or the people you’re here to help serve and support. Underpricing your souls work can lead to -

Attracting out of aligned clients who’ll drain you.

Creates burn out and resentment.

Dims your light and suppresses creative expression.

Keeps you stuck in scarcity and struggle street.

Playing small, feeling anxious and unworthy.

Just as you go to a job and give them your life energy in exchange for a pay packet, it’s no different when you give your precious life energy to clients/soul work you receive money in equal value and exchange for your energy.

Money is a system of energy exchange. Just as you give energy you need to allow yourself to receive energy in equal exchange. When you price your work in alignment and in integrity with your souls desires and energetic output you’ll -

💕Attract soul mate clients who love to pay you.

💕You’ll feel lit up, excited, expanded.

💕You’ll have more to put towards causes you care about.

💕You’ll have more time, energy and resources to do your soul’s purpose work.

💕You’ll activate yourself and people to step into a higher level of prosperity/wealth consciousness.

It’s time to start pricing your spiritual/creative work in alignment and integrity with your soul's desires. 💰

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Love & infinite wealth,

Ellen Sirena

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