5 signs you have a spiritual wealth wound

The spiritual wealth wound runs f***ing deep! It is generational, ancestral, ancient and is caused by the deep trauma inflicted by mass unconscious ego on the worlds healers, HER witches, shamans, artists, visionaries, medicine men and women who have the gift to see and co-create magic and miracles with the unseen (God & Goddess).

Spiritual, creative, heart based men + women for too long have been told they’re evil, unworthy, crazy, can’t make money with their spiritual gifts, and if they do they’re labelled as bad, wrong, scammers, etc.

The devastating truth in all this is how too many witches/healers/shamans/artists believe the lies they’ve been fed about their own divine souls purpose, gifts and medicine as being something inherently bad that they can’t make money or an epic living with.

These unresolved wealth wounds in the collective consciousness of the worlds witches/healers/artists, etc. manifests itself in the forms of:

🌿1. Feeling fear around receiving money for your souls work and gifts.

🌿2. Feeling afraid to speak up, share your souls msg + truth, and to ask for more in life, money and biz.

🌿3. Feeling obligated to people please, underprice and undercharge you spiritual work and gifts.

🌿 4. Feeling like you have to hide your desires for money and wealth away in fear of being judged + ostracised.

🌿5. Scared to tell people what you do for a living lest you be judged, shamed or condemned.

Which one resonates with you the most?

Truth is you get to be a witch/healer/shaman/artist/creative/ AND BE RICH AS F***!

It is spiritual to be rich, wealthy and abundant in all areas of your life. 💰🌿

Love & Infinite Wealth,

Ellen Sirena xoxo

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