Don't forget to enjoy the NOW journey

There is often a belief that when we get to where we want to be or finally get what we have desired for the longest time that we will finally be happy, wealthy, abundant, content, joyful, etc.

We often forget to simply enjoy the journey from where we are to where we want to be in the NOW.

To enjoy the fullness of our life right here, right now. Because NOW is all we ever truly have. Past and future are illusions. The present moment is ALL THERE IS.

It can be hard sometimes to come back to this simple truth of enjoying our life NOW and enjoying the journey unfold before us in all the NOW moments because in truth at the end of the day-

The life you desire to experience is in the NOW.

The money you desire to receive is in the NOW.

The biz success you desire to have is in the NOW.

Everything comes to us and for us in the eternal NOW moment.

For the past 2.5 years like most of the world I’ve been stuck in lockdowns, crazy govt mandates that prevented me from doing the things I loved most like travelling, adventuring, seeing new places and people.

I got caught up in pining for a future for when I could travel again.

I got caught up in focusing on all the restrictions being placed on my life.

I got caught up in all the struggle and have nots.

I forgot to just be here NOW and to enjoy my life as it was in the NOW.

I had moments when I did drop back into the present moment and felt deeply peaceful, loved, safe, abundant and supported but there were plenty of moments when I didn't.

It wasn’t until I flew out the other week on a mini holiday with my son for the first time in 2.5years I felt this immense pressure come off my shoulders. A deep sense of finally I am free to travel again, to see the world, meet new people and see new places but I also realised though this desire of travelling again had finally arrived I probably could’ve chosen to enjoy the past 2.5years a lot more.

To appreciate the quiet time with loved ones.

To appreciate no tourists at our national parks and swimming holes. To have all this amazing nature to ourselves. I even got to spend time at Uluṟu (Ayers Rock) with no people which is unheard of.

To appreciate a safe, secure, loving home of my own, a shelter from all the crazy shit going on in my part of the world.

To appreciate all the abundance of food, fuel, clothing, water, provided to my family and I.

To appreciate and enjoy my life more in the NOW. Trusting and knowing everything is working out for the best.

To enjoy the journey more and not worry so much about the destination.

So no matter what’s currently happening or not happening right now in your life, you can decide and choose to just be here NOW, and to enjoy your life NOW and enjoy the journey from where you are to where you want to be.

Because NOW is all we'll ever have.

Don’t forget to enjoy the NOW journey.

All my love & infinite wealth,

Ellen Sirena xoxo 😘

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