How To Create A Wildly Wealthy & Abundant Life

Hey beautiful Angel,

I hope you’re having a fabulous week. Today I was inspired to share with you a message I received from Spirit about where your true source of power to create a wildly wealthy and abundant life resides.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that our worth, our gold, our wealth, everything we seek is to be found in the material world but it’s not. Money and material abundance are the symbols of wealth but not THE SOURCE of true wealth.

Your true source of wealth is found in the invisible, in the unseen realms of divine energy and this divine energy which you can call God/Love/Universe/Source whatever label you prefer to use but it’s the same thing, is found within you, the same energy that creates worlds and the physical forms of wealth is already within you as you!

Pretty amazing, right!

But this might feel like a whole load of heebee jebee especially when you feel dependent on the material world and money for your source of safety, security, survival, and worth, and if this is the case the Universe will eventually bitch slap you back to the truth that your source of wealth and abundance is within you!

Anytime we make someone or something outside of us our SOURCE the Universe is set up to fail us so we get activated and awakened back to our true source of wealth and abundance.

These bitch slaps can often come in the form of losing your job, finding yourself broke on welfare, having your material possessions taken away, losing everything you have, and it’s in the struggle, suffering, and hardship we are forced to awaken to the truth, that everything we seek is already within us and our ability to heal and change our lives, and to generate and create wildly wealthy and abundant lives starts from within us, not outside of us. But how? You may ask. Your Creator (God/ess) gave you 4 powerful tools to help you harness the divine energy within you to create and manifest your material reality with and these are: Thoughts = seeds

Emotions = water

Womb = soil

Faith & Trust = fuel to create

(please note when I refer to the womb I am not referring to a woman’s physical womb where a baby grows but the seat of the subconscious mind in the base of the body which houses the primordial energy of divine creation which is in both men and women alike)

I want you to take a moment to imagine yourself as the head gardener of your own life and every day you get to choose what seeds (thoughts) you want to plant.

You can plant seeds of lack, scarcity, and limitations or seeds of abundance, gratitude, and appreciation.

Your emotions will let you know what seeds you are planting by how you feel.

If you feel stressed, anxious, worried, frustrated, angry, jealous, insecure this is your Inner Being (SOURCE) letting you know that you are planting s*** seeds that are out of alignment with your soul’s truth and desires.

When you feel peaceful, joyful, abundant, happy, content, regardless of external conditions, this is your Inner Being (SOURCE) letting you know that you are planting beautiful seeds that are in alignment with your soul’s truth and desires.

Whatever seeds you’re planting each day and the emotions that are watering them will get planted into the soil of the subconscious mind (womb/hara), and whatever plants are growing in your subconscious whether they be sick plants of lack and scarcity that give you bitter fruit or healthy plants of love, gratitude and appreciation that give you luscious fruit, whatever is growing in the soil of your subconscious mind (a.k.a inner garden of wealth creation) is what universal intelligence is responding to and creating your material reality with.

The final component is then having faith and trust that what you want and desire is already here for you, and regardless of what current conditions are showing you, you maintain faith and trust that everything is working out for you, that you will be guided and supported moment to moment to the manifestations of your desires.

Faith and trust is your fuel to create. Faith and trust is what you lean on when it doesn't look like it's happening. Faith and trust will pull you through into the manifestations of your desires.

Start to see yourself as the head gardener of your own life. Look within at what garden you are choosing to plant and grow for yourself because whatever is going on within you is what is going to be created and reflected in the material world.

If you discover you’ve been planting a lot of toxic seeds (thoughts)of lack, scarcity, limitations, never ever judge, condemn or blame yourself but give love, kindness, and compassion to yourself and to the one within you who believes it needs to plant these toxic seeds.

With awareness comes healing, with healing comes change, and with change comes new levels of growth, wealth, and abundance.

So with gentle, loving awareness pull out the old toxic seeds and replace them with new beautiful ones that light you up with joy.

Because the seeds you plant today are what you will harvest in the future.

Your current conditions have no control over you and are only manifestations of previous seeds you’ve planted. If you don’t like the garden you’ve currently planted and grown for yourself you have the power to pull out the weeds and plant beautiful flowers that give you prosperity.

So choose thoughts of abundance, emotions of abundance that fill the soil of your subconscious mind with plants that produce abundant fruits, and maintain faith and trust that the wealth and abundance you desire in the physical realms is already here for you and will manifest sometimes in the most bizarre and miraculous ways.

All is well, Beloved One.

All my love, gratitude, appreciation, and infinite abundance.

Ellen Sirena xoxo

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