How To Embody + Attract 6 Figures & Beyond, The Divine Femme Way

Most of us are conditioned to believe that we have to work hard, struggle, force, push and control to make the money we want or desire in life and will often sacrifice our health, loved ones and our dreams all for the sake of the mighty dollar.

It doesn’t have to be this way, in fact our Creator did not create you to live a life of struggle and hardship.

In today’s teaching I will be taking you through a simple but powerful exercise to start creating the money, wealth and abundance you desire the divine femme way which is all about embodying first the money you desire and then watching it manifest into your physical life from a place of divine ease, joy, pleasure and playfulness.

And wether you want to manifest 6 figures, or 5,7,8,9 or 10 the work is the same and the tools I give you today will help you to start creating any level of wealth from a place of ease and grace.

The Method:

Our world and infinite creation is made up of two energies, the divine masculine and the divine feminine. These two energies exist within us, all around us and all through life and the universe.

Our masculine aspect is our giving, action, doing, getting stuff done energy and our feminine aspect is our recieving, beingness, intuition, emotions, creativity, playfulness, pleasure, resting energy.

We’ve lived for a long time in a world that has denied the feminine energy and over used and abused the masculine energy and when money is created and manifested purely from a masculine energy (a.k.a busy, busy, busy, doing, doing, doing, action, action, action, hustle, hustle, hustle, no rest or relaxation) you’ll end up burnt out, sick, exhausted, and resentful.

However when you balance your masculine with your feminine energies you can create and manifest money from a place of aligned, inspired action, fun, ease, joy, pleasure and playfulness.

How do you do this?

Whenever you want to create and manifest money in your life it first starts within you, your energy field.

First Step: It’s starts by getting clear on the amount of money you want, deciding you want it and asking for it. How do you ask for it, simply state it –

“I want 6 figures (or insert your desired figure here).”

The universe receives your request and starts to energetically line up the co-operative components to bring your desire into physical reality. Once you’ve asked for it it is done, it is available for you in the energetic realms.

Second Step: Because everything in our world is energy, everything you desire is vibrating at different frequencies including the money you desire. So the 6 figures you’ve asked for is already available to you but is on another radio station, another frequency of energy. So you want to start tuning your energy to the frequency of your desire so you become a vibrational match to it. You do this by creating the feelings and emotions as if you already have it. Regardless of external conditions. It’s about embodying what you desire as if it’s already in your life. This is the feminine aspect of creation, utilising your belief systems to create specific emotions/feelings of what you desire and want. It is the unseen energy (the divine feminine) that creates worlds and brings forth new things into physical reality. Third Step:

So get a large sheet of paper and write on the top of it –

The 6 figure version of me looks like……

Then after that sentence you want to take a few moments to imagine, visualise yourself with 6 figures, you already have it, what does your life look and feel like with 6 figures?

Then write down onto the piece of paper what you visualised your life looking and feeling like with 6 figures, don’t hold back, have fun with this process.

You then want to get clear on what you would you be thinking, feeling, doing and being on a daily basis with 6 figures.

Because what you’re choosing to think, feel, be and do on a daily basis, where you are flowing your energy in this present moment is creating and manifesting your future.

So on the sheet of paper write down:





Under each of these sections write clearly what you would be thinking, how you would feel with 6 figures. How would you be showing up in your life with that money, how would you be BEING (feminine energy), and then what would you be DOING (masculine energy).

Once you are clear on these four things this is the energetic frequency of 6 figures for you and you want to start incorporating these things into your daily life and removing those things that don’t support your new vibrational level of money.

For example, if 6 figures for you is having a beautiful clean home, wearing nice clothes, having your hair cut and nails done but you spend your days living in a messy house, wearing clothes that make you feel like crap, greasy hair and nails that leave you feeling yuck, they are not congruent to supporting your 6 figure vibration.

So you want to start integrating and embodying what you would be THINKING, FEELING, BEING, AND DOING on a daily basis as if you already had the 6 figures, regardless of external conditions.

You also want to be affirming “I have 6 figures, and it is fabulous!”

So if 6 figures for you is you exercising, eating healthy, meditating, having beautiful artwork around you, spending time with loved ones, being creative, having fun, laughter and joy in your life then start to integrate these things into your every day life TODAY!

This is aligning your energy to the vibration of the money you desire.

The ego and it’s logical mind is going to roar up and resistance will come in the form of excuses of why you can’t embody or integrate that level of money, why you can't have what you want, why you're unworthy of it, etc., – love, bless and accept whatever arises – write it out, express and release whatever comes up for you.

It’s not a sign of regress when negative resistance comes up but progress because any beliefs, behaviours and ways of being which are no longer congruent with your new vibrational desire will come up to be healed and released so you can rise to the next level.

Once you start to embody the 6 figures as if you already have it by living in the thinking, feeling, being and doing tone of it, and clearing the limiting beliefs as they arise, it’s from this place you will then start to receive inner guidance, impulses, ideas on the aligned and inspired action steps you need to take moment to moment to start ALLOWING the money you desire into your physical reality.

Everything first and foremost starts in the energetic realms (feminine) and is then birthed into the physical (masculine).

From the masculine and feminine aspects of wealth creation, the feminine is embodying the frequency of the money you desire first by incorporating the thinking, feeling and being tones of it into your daily life and then the masculine aspect is the doing part and taking action on the guidance given to you from within moment to moment, because remember your life is always in the NOW.

The catch here though is not to focus on the how, the who, the when, the outcome because that’s God’s job, your job is to clean up your energy and to become a vibrational match to the 6 figures or whatever level of money and wealth you desire by EMBODYING it and living in the thinking, feeling, being and doing tone of your desires already being true for you, regardless of external conditions.

Love & Infinite Abundance, Ellen Sirena xoxo

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