How To Price Your Spiritual Work & Receive Money, Guilt & Shame Free!

Too many spiritual, sensitive, heart-based souls and creatives undercharge, underearn, play small, and have a toxic and abusive relationship with money.

It needs to stop today!

We don’t serve ourselves, others, or our world when we don’t charge money for our sacred time, energy, and gifts that are in alignment and integrity with the energy we give.

In today’s wealth creation teaching, I will be taking you on a journey to clean up any guilt and shame around money you may have and how to charge and price your potent work in a way that feels expansive, exciting, and juicy for you and supports you in the work you are here to do in the world, guilt and shame free! Charging for your sacred time, energy and gifts can often feel like a stressful, anxious, worrisome undertaking but it doesn’t have to be this way, beloved one.

Just as you would go to a job each day and give them your life energy in exchange for a paycheck, it is no different giving your energy to people through your spiritual work and gifts and receiving money (a.k.a energy) in exchange for it.

Money is a tool in this 3D reality used as a form of energy exchange, it is SUPER neutral and flows from SOURCE which you could also call God, Love, The Divine, Creator, whatever label you want to use.

This source energy flows through you and is from you, so you could also look at money as being an extension of your energy, your creativity, your presence, your purpose and path in this world.

Money is not something separate from you but part of who you are.

When you look at money from this energetic perspective and you love, value and respect your time, energy, gifts and talents you then charge an amount of money that represents that energy exchange in a way that uplifts, expands and invigorates you, and also your client/s but when you undercharge, underearn, over give you are playing an energy game that is out of balance, and ultimately doesn’t serve you or those you are here to help and support.

A lot of spiritual, sensitive, heart-based souls, and creatives are great at giving but often suck at receiving, so when you are pricing your spiritual work you want to make sure the price is in alignment and integrity with the level of energy and vibration you are giving to ensure you receive an equal exchange of energy (a.k.a money) in return for what you give.

To do this the first thing you want to do is play with the energy of money by looking at the numbers of money as a vibrational bandwidth.

The Method:

When pricing your work you first want to feel into a number that scares the s*** out of you and you feel there is no way you could charge that amount, this is what I call your energetic threshold.

On a piece of paper you want to write out – My energetic threshold is $_______insert amount here___________.

Then you want to come down the energetic money scale and choose a number that is super low and if you charged that amount of money for your sacred work you would feel depressed, you would feel like what is the bloody point in doing this work, this is called your energetic low point.

On the same piece of paper you then want to write out – My energetic low point is $_______insert amount here___________. Then between your threshold and low points is going to be a sweet spot, a number that feels a little bit scary, a slight stretch but feels right, feels exciting, expansive and you get a YES! This is the energetic amount you need to price your work. To find this you would feel into your low point and start to feel your way up the numbers towards your threshold till you hit a number that feels right.

For example, say $1,000 is your threshold and $100 is your low point, as you move up from $100 feeling into each number, into each bandwidth suddenly you hit the number $650 and you go yes, this is it, scary but feels good, feels expansive.

You will also know if your pricing is out of alignment by how you feel.

When you are pricing in alignment with your soul’s truth and energy you feel joyful, excited, expanded, happy, lit up and energised to serve more, do more and help more.

When your pricing is out of alignment you will feel anxious, stressed, burnt out, frustrated, undervalued and unappreciated.

So it’s important to price your work that is in energetic alignment because when you don’t and you stay stuck in the negative vibes of underearning and undercharging you don’t serve you or your clients because your energy will be coming from a frequency of lack, burn out and resentment and you are then unable to give your best.

When you price your work into a new level you will often find your old limiting beliefs and ego will try to snap you back to your known level by telling you things like –

• No one will pay me this amount • Who am I to charge this amount of money • No one will buy • Insert your limiting beliefs here____________.

Expanding your energy and pricing your work at a new level WILL clean out clients who are no longer aligned with your new vibe and you will then start to attract a whole new level of clients, often clients who love you, adore your work, do the work and love to pay you what you charge without complaint.

So don’t buy into the limiting BS stories of the ego’s fears, lack and scarcity.

God is infinite and knows who needs to work with you and who is happy to pay you your new prices and will send them your way, you are not alone in this journey.

At the end of the day money is never the issue, it’s the toxic stories we tell ourselves about money that is the problem and is a direct reflection of how we actually feel about ourselves, our gifts, energy, time and our own value and worth.

Also as a quick side note, your clients and other people are not your source of money, they are the channels of which SOURCE/GOD uses to send you money and abundance but they are not your source.

Your source of true wealth, money and abundance comes from within you and your ability to let that energy flow out of you into this world, then the external world will reflect your wealth consciousness by bringing you the clients, people and situations to help you manifest the physical forms of wealth and abundance into your life to support you in your sacred and divine work.

Everything is within you. Everything in the material is a reflection and projection of your state of consciousness.

Change your inner world and the outer will shift in response.

All is well.

All my love & infinite abundance, Ellen Sirena xoxo

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