How To Quantum Leap Into Your Next Money Level

Like a lot of people I used to believe making money came from action, the doing, the hard hustle and burn your life to the ground vibes.


I found my biggest money months always came when I was feeling relaxed, having fun, enjoying life, in a creative flow and it felt easy, graceful, playful, pleasurable even.

This fascinated me and hence began my journey in learning how to harness energy and the quantum field to create and manifest money and other desires with ease and grace.

What I discovered to quantum leap into and receive new levels of money is a vibration, a frequency or more accurately a FEELING, embodying and vibing with the feelings of what you want before there is any physical evidence of it.

Your feelings are letting you know the frequencies of energy you are vibing with, in other words the radio station you are tuning into.

Are you tuning into poverty AM or prosperity FM?

Your feelings are letting you know what you’re currently creating and attracting with your current belief systems.

Feelings of fear, worries, stress, anxiety, lack, unworthiness are the frequencies of scarcity and struggle beliefs.

Feelings of joy, abundance, wellbeing, gratitude, appreciation are the frequencies of wealth and ease beliefs.

Everything you desire including your next money level is an energetic frequency, a new vibration and that vibration doesn’t come from outside of you but from within you.

Everything in the material world is data, information, feedback showing you how you’ve been flowing and vibing your energy.

The next level version of you, next level money, next level relationships is a feeling, a frequency, an EMBODIMENT of that feeling, that way of BEING.

Quantum leaping into a new money level or new level in anything in life is about you embodying and BEING that next level you in the NOW and maintaining it.

So if you had that next level of money or life right now-

How would you be living your life?

What would your beliefs be about yourself, life and money?

How would you be BEING each day?

How would you be SHOWING up each day?

How would you be FEELING each day?

Start to pull in that next level version of you into the NOW. Start to think, feel, be and do from that place that it is already done and here for you RIGHT NOW.

The next level version of you who knows and believes she/he is deeply worthy of receiving and having what you desire simply because you exist.

You live in an energetic, vibrational world, everything you desire is available and possible for you it’s just vibrating on a different frequency of energy so when you embody the frequency / feelings of your desires you are tuning your vibration to be a match to receiving it into your physical experience.

The universe doesn’t care how hard you work or how many hours you put into something it is always working with and in response to your vibration.

When you are a vibrational match to something including money it must come, not always how you think it will or should, for HOW is God’s job.

Your job is to decide what you want. Ask for it.

Line your energy up with it by creating the beliefs and feelings of it being so.

And on the heels of your new feelings, the new manifestations of your desires begin to flow and grow.

You are the creator and generator of your money and material experience.

Everything starts from within you, your energy.

You are that powerful.

You get to choose and decide your next money level and life, the one YOU WANT, no one else.


All is well.

You’re doing great.

All my love & infinite abundance,

Ellen Sirena xoxo

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