I am supported by God and money to pursue my dreams and desires.

Abundance affirmation channeled from the Angels of Abundance
Weekly Abundance Activation

Beloved One,

Do whatever it is you desire to do and know that God, money, all of life are always there to support in helping you to make the impossible possible.

Unfortunately too many people though give their power away to money and current external conditions because they believe they cannot pursue their dreams and desires till they have the money, or they have to wait for someone or something else to change first before they can do what they’ve always wanted to do.

The truth of the matter is that money and the universe are waiting for you to decide, choose and move first and it then moves and responds to support you in what you’ve chosen.

If you decide to spend your life not pursuing your dreams and desires because you’re waiting for money first to show up you’ll be waiting a long time.

Stop making money, other people, circumstances as excuses as to why you can’t be, do, have, experience what you truly desire for your life, wealth and business situation.

Life and money moves and responds to you and are always there to support you in your choices.

So if you knew truly deeply that you were taken care of, that money was always available to support you in your dreams and desires, and that a higher power (God) is working out the most amazing things for you right now, what would you start making, changing, being and doing today instead?

Trust all is well and you’re fully supported in pursuing your dreams and desires. Trust.

All our love & infinite wealth,

Ellen Sirena xoxo


Did you know Angel that you have a money and biz energy body within you that holds incredible wisdom, knowledge, guidance and support on what is best for you to create, heal, change, do and be in order to create and manifest the life, wealth and heart-based biz your soul desires?

All the answers, guidance and support you've been seeking around money and biz are already within you. But are you taking time to connect and listen to what's in you?

To help you tap into your incredible money and biz energy bodies I've created this beautiful meditation bundle to teach you how to access your own unique guidance around creating the life, money and soul led biz you desire.

This meditation bundle will enlighten, heal, inspire and help you to create a deeper connection to your own guidance system, God, and universal intelligence on what is the best path for you to take and the best things for you to do when it comes to creating the money and business you desire.

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