I am where I am. Where I am is filled with unconditional love, joy, abundance and divine wellbeing.

Beloved One,

There comes a time in one’s journey where living in the frequencies of lack, scarcity, struggle and survival programs drains the soul and activates you into desiring wealth and abundance for oneself and others.

You have the power within you to break the chains of poverty consciousness, lack, scarcity and limitations in your life simply by deciding that in this moment you are surrounded by love, joy, wealth and abundance because that is the TRUE nature of the universe.

You live in and exist in right now an infinite, unconditional, unlimited field of wealth and


The true nature of all life is one of abundance.

Lack and scarcity are illusions, they’re man made and exist only from the construct of the egoic mind.

When you stop believing in and feeding the lack and scarcity stories and start to focus on creating, believing and feeding thoughts of love, joy, wealth and abundance the material world will shift and change in response.

You will open up to a realm of infinite prosperity which has always been there and always available to you but when your vibration and energy are focused on the lack and absence of things you can temporarily disconnect yourself from the field of wealth and abundance you naturally dwell in each moment of everyday.

Start to focus on and appreciate the abundance in your life RIGHT NOW. The abundance of love, creative ideas, food, clothing, water, shelter, trees, flowers, leaves, grass, sand, buildings, cars, etc., notice wherever you look there is only abundance.

As you begin to notice and appreciate the abundance in your daily life, you’ll begin to connect to the truth that wealth and abundance is always available to you, surrounds you and that you in fact live in an infinite field of abundance naturally.

All is well, beloved one.

Take care. Take rest. Know everything is being taken care of and everything is working out for you.

Where you are is perfect.

All our love xoxo 😘

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