It’s safe for you to be a wildly wealthy woman

Divine woman, you are allowed to make, give, receive and have as much money as you desire.

There are no limits to how much you get to make, earn, receive and have with your divine spiritual and creative gifts.

It’s time to stop 🛑

💰Feeling unworthy of it.

💰Scared of it.

💰Not safe with it.

💰Believing it’s unspiritual.

And shift into God’s truth for you 🌟

💰Money is unconditional and desires to serve and support you.

💰Money is a manifestation/ a symbol of your divine energy / consciousness manifested into physical form.

💰Money is unlimited and you get to create and manifest as much of it as you desire whilst doing soul aligned work you love. There are no limits.

💰You get to be spiritual and RICH as croesus!

It’s time to heal and release the wealth wound, the witch’s wealth wound, it doesn’t serve you or those who need your gifts/medicine the most ✨❤️✨

It’s time to create wealth.

If you desire to heal your money wounds and create and manifest unlimited money, wealth and abundance to support you in your souls work make sure to check out my 4 week immersion - Quantum Money Magic, to activate your quantum powers to create and manifest unlimited money in life and biz.

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Love & infinite wealth, Ellen Sirena xoxo


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