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Time to create soul aligned epic wealth, money & biz success

Ok gorgeous Goddess, it’s time to light a fire and BURN all the money and biz rule books that have told you in order to succeed in life, money and biz you must work hard, hustle, burn yourself out into an early grave of exhaustion, do all these crazy marketing and sales strategies that make you want to vomit, undercharge, underprice, put up with clients who drain you, and listen to everyone else’s voice but the voice within you. 


It’s time to drop the noise of the outside world and drop into YOU and listen to THE VOICE within you, YOUR SOUL, who actually KNOWS:


The best ways for you to manifest money, do biz, and create what you desire with ease, grace, pleasure and playfulness. 


The best offers for you to create that your soul mate clients will LOVE to buy and pay you top dollar for.


The best ways for you to sell, market and share your soul’s work that feels FUN, playful, easy and of deep service to this world.


The best ways for you to build and grow your biz that excites you, expands you, lights you up, nourishes and supports you, and is highly magnetic to soul mate clients and money.

But listening to your soul, and actually trusting it and following its guidance in creating and manifesting the life, money and biz you desire can be challenging to do. 


I know this because after 8+ years of creating successful businesses where I only followed the logical mind, and all the so called “rules” and “strategies” in money & biz, I was left feeling burnt out, frustrated and over building shit that felt like an uphill battle everyday.


I knew something had to change.


I knew in my heart that life money and biz could be fun, sexy, playful, pleasurable and deeply nourishing. I just didn’t know how to make it so. 


Instead I spent a good 2+ years in a complete head fuckery in my life, money and biz where I had to dismantle, deprogram all the rules, shoulds, have to’s I’d taken on from others and to give myself FULL PERMISSION to start doing things my soul’s way, the way I truly desired to do things. 


When I started to believe in, listen to and trust myself, my desires, my soul, my connection to God/Source and follow the guidance given from within me things radically healed, changed and improved where:


I went from barely making ends meet to quantum leaping into 5 figure months of $10K, $15K, $20K, $35K+ with fun, joy and ease.


Soul mate clients dropping in out of the blue ready to buy high end offers from me that were still sitting in a google doc and hadn’t even been shared. No more bloody sales calls trying to convince people to buy shit. Selling became fun, playful, easy, and felt like a deep sense of service to the world. 


Waking up each day excited to do biz, create, sell and play. Gone were the days where I hated my biz and felt like it was one big painful soul draining struggle.


Feeling confident to price my work at any price I desired, and magnetising soul mate clients more than happy to pay me my rates, no questions asked. No more under charging and under earning. Fuck that!


Easily channeling through awesome money makin’ ideas from the Divine that I loved and loved to share and sell and that would make me lots of $$$, unapologetically!


Making more money and working less. Feeling confident to do life, money and biz my way and not settling or putting up with doing it the struggle street, hustle, or hard way vibes anymore. 

And so much more. 

The thing is at the end of the day you have everything you need already within you, all the guidance, the support, the creativity, the wealth, it’s never been outside of you. 


And it’s my job to help you break up with the outside world's bullshit money and biz rules and align you back to your soul's truth, message, gifts, power and ability to create whatever the hell it is you desire in life, money and biz. 


There are no limits here on what you get to be, do, have, create or experience. 


There are NO RULES in life, money and biz, PERIOD!


You get to make the rules on how you want to do things and how things get to be for you. 


So I am not a mentor who will hold your hand, do all the work for you, pander to your ego, or feed you rule books, or some boring arse framework or strategy that I think might get you some money and biz success. 




I am here to activate you into your soul's highest divine expression, purpose and potential, to put you back in touch and in alignment with the magic, the power, the creativity, the wealth, the abundance, the money, the gifts, the guidance that are already WITHIN YOU AS YOU. 


And then I am here to help you let ALL OF WHO YOU ARE out into the world.


Because when you are not only doing things your souls way but also BEING all of who you are naturally and have always been, your quirks, craziness and all, you are super magnetic to money, business success, soul mate clients and living a life that lights you and the world up. 


The thing that most money + biz coaches won’t tell you or teach you is that you are THE NICHE and you are THE ENERGY that generates, creates and manifests money, great wealth and business success.



You are already wealthy and successful, simply because you exist. It’s time to let that divine, already wealthy, already successful, already powerful aspect of YOU out into the world and watch the material world shift and change in response to HER/YOU.


When you come into my world you’ll be doing life, money and biz your way, your soul's way, the way it was always meant to be. 


In This New Soul Led World: 


Money IS fun, sexy, easy, playful and pleasurable. 


Business IS fun, sexy, easy, playful and pleasurable. 


Creating offers and content IS fun, sexy, easy, playful and pleasurable. 


Selling IS fun, sexy, easy, playful and pleasurable. 


Life IS fun, sexy, easy, powerful, playful and pleasurable. 


So what do you desire Goddess? 


Do you want to keep spending the next several years trying to figure it all out on your own, getting all confused, listening to all the crazy rules, strategies and processes of everyone else, having a shit relationship with money, self, God, burning yourself out into an early grave of exhaustion, wanting to pull your hair out? 




Do you desire to receive the support from a mentor who will activate you, fast track and quantum leap you into your next level soul aligned life, money and biz with ease and grace where you feel free to be ALL OF YOU, to express, to create and do life, money and biz your soul's unique way, guilt and shame free?


If you’re ready to ditch the excuses and want to step into your Goddess given power to consciously and confidently create a soul aligned life, money and biz, your way, on your terms, and you know in your heart I am the mentor for you, I’d love to work with you.

The women and even some dudes

 who’ve come into my world I’ve helped them to:


Get crystal clear on their soul's unique purpose, message and gifts.


Package up their souls msg and gifts into high vibe offers they love, love to sell and people love to buy. 


Brand and create websites, sales pages, and socials that reflect their vibrant authentic selves and which magnetize soulmate clients.


Create clear soul aligned biz systems, strategies and structures that support the way they desire to market and sell in biz, and that attracts soul mate clients.


Earn more and work less. Stop undercharging and undervaluing their sacred work and charge soul aligned high end prices, guilt and anxiety free.


Quantum leap into their next level desired money months with ease and grace.  

Image by Masaaki Komori

Words can’t describe the epic transformation that took place working with Ellen. I went from selling $100 offers barely scraping by to receiving $7.5K within two weeks, buying a new car, completing my first book, running high end workshops, and feeling worthy of infinite wealth! Ellen helped me to clear deep scarcity, unworthiness vibes and connected me back to my soul where I feel free, safe and confident to be all of ME and to share my soul’s work, sell with soul, and receive massive compensation for it all! Ellen combines deep spiritual and practical principles that will support you in up levelling your life, money and biz with grace. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Ellen and investing in her again! Thank you Ellen with my whole heart!

Amanda, Sensual Tantra Queen

Image by Jim Flores

Working with Ellen radically healed and changed my life, money mindset and biz. She activated me, triggered all my unresolved shit, limiting beliefs I'd placed on myself and my potential. By the end I felt totally transformed, powerful and amazing! I now have the tools to confidently create and manifest the life, money and biz I desire, on my terms, my way. Don’t hesitate to work with this woman, her work will change your life! She will see you, love you and call you into your power and magic to create what you want in life. She holds a powerful high vibe space that calls you into your divine greatness as a Goddess who is here to play and create in life, HER way. Love you, Ellen, and thank you for all that you do! 

Tevy, Real Estate Biz Queen

Art Gallery

I loved the work I did with Ellen. She's a lot of fun, and she helped me to get clear on what I desired in life and that it was safe for me to pursue what I wanted. That it was ok for me to earn a living doing my art and charging the prices for my work that felt good and aligned for me. It was so nice to be given permission to finally stop under pricing my work. Working with Ellen I  uncovered deep unconscious scarcity, fear blocks around money and sharing my work. I was able to tap into my power and ability to create what I truly desired. I am excited to see the fruits from the seeds we planted during our time together and to watch the magic of my desires manifesting into physical reality. Thank you beautiful, so grateful for you!

Helena, Artist

How We Can Work  Together


If you desire to co-create a soul led life and biz where money, magic and miracles flow I invite you to come play and have fun with me in my Soul Aligned Money & Biz Queen Immersion, my private 1:1 high vibe mentoring container where you will receive: 


  • Unlimited support and mentoring via WhatsApp messenger during our time together.


  • Unlimited support in co-creating soul aligned offers, sales pages, marketing, positioning, messaging, branding, websites, social media, copywriting, soul mate client attraction, money manifesting, and creating soul led biz success.  


  • Access to my current high vibe courses, meditations and bundles valued over $30K +, and any new ones launched during our time together.

Investment   Options



Per month: $5,555 AUS


3months: $15,000 (Save $1,665)


6 months: $30K (Save $3,330)  


You can choose to go by month or purchase a 3 month or 6 month option and save.  

How To  Apply


To apply you can send me an email at to request an application form and to enrol.


Alternatively you can also chat with me and apply via DM CHAT HERE 


Image by Anton Mislawsky

Ellen is a rock star! She sees your light, your gifts and calls you into your greatness and she has an amazing way of channelling through awesome offers and creative ideas that you’ll LOVE and can’t wait to sell and share with your tribe. I loved my time working with Ellen, she gives you space to feel seen, heard, loved and held. She co-creates with you and gets you seeing your gifts, talents and abilities in a more positive and powerful light. I released so much bullshit that was getting in the way and preventing me from moving forward into 7 figures. She was able to help me be more of my authentic self in my branding, art, music and biz, and I haven’t looked back. I feel like I’m on the right path now, doing life and biz the way I’ve always dreamed to. Thank you, Divine Woman!

Stacey, Musician

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 1.50.31 am.png

I was blown away after working with Ellen. She has the unique ability to read your energy and pick up on deep subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs around your money and biz you had no idea even existed. After releasing a lot of fear, ancestral money trauma, I found within 15mins after our first session together I received a payment of $6K out of the blue! Thanks to the work I did with Ellen I feel more confident and free to live my purpose and make more money. Ellen has a rare and beautiful gift that will heal and transform your life, money and biz situation for the better. Thanks, Ellen.

Sarah, Spiritual Healer

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 1.50.55 am.png

Ellen is such an amazing, beautiful soul. I am so grateful to have connected and worked with her. She can see what’s in the way, what’s preventing you from creating and receiving what you desire and gives you powerful healing tools, techniques and information on how to shift it so you can up level your life, money and biz situation. Thanks to the work I did with Ellen, I left a toxic relationship and manifested a new home, and more money and abundance flowed in by doing the work Ellen prescribed. I am so grateful for her as I don’t know what I would’ve done without her divine medicine during a difficult time in my life. She is super supportive and sees the divine within you and calls you into your power and purpose where you feel safe and confident to create the life and wealth you truly want.

Anne, Mystic Moon Healer

How It   Works

Once you've decided you are all in, and we've received your payment, you will receive access to your private members area, private WhatsApp messenger support and a secure Google doc where we will be co-creating your next level life, money and biz success.  


I no longer do zoom calls or in person sessions.  


All contact, feedback, creating will be done via WhatsApp messenger, Google Docs and when and if I need to I will send a visual explanation on something via video recording to your secures members area.


I find working with clients and co-creating through WhatsApp, Google Docs and Video Recordings creates more efficient, quick and productive results and allows me to provide you with support in real time.  


During our time together we will be co-creating and manifesting what you ultimately desire to heal, build and create in your life, money and biz situation. 


You will be called to take full responsibility for your life, money and biz situation in our container and to step up into your soul's highest divine prosperous purpose and potential.

You will be activated. You might even feel massively triggered.

This is great because it's a sign you are upleveling! 

I will be working alongside you to brainstorm, play, create and bring forth some awesome money makin' ideas, sales, systems and strategies to support you in your next level life, money and biz success but at the end of the day the outcomes, the life-changing results all come down to you doing THE WORK.

Sitting On The Fence?

I’ll be 100% honest with you Goddess, I have no desire or interest in trying to convince you to work with me. I broke up with the crazy hustle, force, control, chase game along time ago and fell head over heels in love with activating people to listen to and trust their own guidance system when it comes to investing in themselves and their next level life, money and biz success. 

So I invite you to drop into your heart and to ask yourself, your soul:
“Beloved One, is it in my highest and best interest to invest in myself

by working with Ellen?”


I invite you to sit with and listen to what comes up for you. If you get a clear yes, I invite you to trust that yes, and say yes to your yes, this is your soul guiding you to the next best steps for you.

If you struggle to get a clear answer from within and you’re feeling a lot of doubt, fear or resistance coming up causing confusion I invite you to then ask the divine:

“God/Divine/Source, please send me a clear sign that I can’t miss to confirm if working with Ellen is the best investment, best next step for me in my money and biz journey.”


Let go of how that sign might show up. Trust that you will be guided and shown if the Soul Aligned Money & Biz Queen Immersion is for you or not. 

Trust yourself and back yourself to know what is good, true, right and aligned for you! 

It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit scared, excited, like “holy shit, I can’t believe I am doing this!” and that’s a great vibe to be in because this is where the growth, up levels and quantum leaps happen. 

If you do get a yes from your soul, I’d love to work with you and I can’t wait to serve and support you in stepping into your next Soul Aligned Money and Biz Queen level. 

How To  Apply


To apply you can send me an email at to request an application form and to enrol.


Alternatively you can also chat with me directly and apply via DM CHAT HERE 



About Ellen

Ellen Sirena is a well sought after Wealth Shamana who works with spiritual entrepreneurs, creatives, visionaries and non-biz peeps to create epic wealth, money and biz success with their soul's purpose, truth and gifts

She has worked as a high end business coach, and money healer for 5,6 and 7 figure businesses, is a best - selling co-author, mammapreneur, and in a previous life worked as a professional designer and landscape architect.


Her clients often say her work is a breath of fresh air that combines powerful spiritual and practical principles that radically heal and transform their life, money and biz situations with love, humour, fun, ease and grace.  

When she's not busy activating people to live at their soul's highest divine prosperous purpose and potential, you will find Ellen travelling the outback in her 4wd with toddler in tow, living life in nature and sleeping under the stars.